The Difference Between an Athlete and An Exerciser

There is a very fine line between athletes and exercisers. People often confuse the two, thinking that they both are linked to the fitness or training field. This, however, is not the case and even though there are a lot of similarities between the two, they cannot be thought of as one. While an athlete works to achieve a place in the competition, an exerciser, on the other hand, aims for health and appearance. This article will point out exactly where athletes differ from exercisers and how.


An athlete has training and competition as his priority, and everything else gets fit around that. For an exerciser, he has to fit training around the rest of his life. This means that athletes have to think about other things second to training and competition. They will schedule other activities of life after they have set a time for their main activity. Exerciser usually has a job or some other daily work and then in that busy schedule, and he has to fit training somewhere. So this is how the two differ over schedules.

Purpose and Goals

An athlete’s entire set of activities revolves around performance related goals. His aims and targets are measurable and usually established by times or scores. They are not that concerned about how healthy they are? or How fit they look? Not that these things are totally ignored, but they don’t come first on the priority list. For exercisers, the most important thing is the long-term factor which is health and also a lot as to how they appear. This is how the mindsets of the two differ and this then ahs a major effect on how the two deal with instances of pain and injury. Athletes, who are more concerned about achieving a certain numerical target, will not care if they get bruised in between. The exerciser is more concerned about how they look so; an injury will not be something they are willing to ignore.

Progress and ability

An athlete’s progress will be much quicker and better than that of an exerciser. In fact, the exerciser will not aim to score or weight lift more than what the others are doing because his goal is not to compete but to bring a healthy lifestyle. There may be cases where one exerciser is abler than an athlete, but that will not matter because he doesn’t aim to achieve what the athlete does.

Pain, Injuries, and treatment

Whenever there is training involved, pain and injuries are a common issue. What differs for the two is how they are set to deal with it. Injuries for exercisers are serious, and while treating them, they would bring the long-term aspect in and try to fully fix their problem. Athletes will see it as a temporary problem and therefore will look for an immediate solution so that they can get back to their training as soon as possible; therefore the treatment will be short term.


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What is the reality?

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Popular supplements taken by Joe Rogan

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Additional benefits of taking supplements

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